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OUR MISSION:  Advocate, advance and develop support for parks, recreational programming, community services, cultural activities and the arts in Redwood City, California.
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Sustain Downtown Events
Increase Access to Sports Fields
Re-open Hoover Pool

The City’s Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Services provides after-school care and tutoring for nearly 1,100 children a day with over 250 on waiting lists for services.  Would you consider providing additional support to provide local school children with a safe place to stay after school and contribute to their educational success? It costs about $1,500 per child to provide these critical services.  Any amount for the Safe After-School Project would be greatly appreciated.

Provide After-School Programs for More Children

The City of Redwood City has 22 sports fields that it can schedule for organized sports play for over a dozen organizations and nearly 12,000 youth participants.   Of the total sports fields scheduled by the Parks, Recreation and Community Services staff, 43% are City-owned fields and 57% are local school district-owned fields. Compared to surrounding cities, Redwood City has fewer sports fields available with 1.19 sports fields per 10,000 population. In an effort to increase organized sports play on the limited number of fields; seven fields have synthetic turf and 5 have lighting. Would you consider making a donation in order to increase the usability of the sports fields so more children can participate in organized sports play?

The City’s Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Services oversees two city pools. The Sid Herkner Memorial Pool located on Madison St. in the Red Morton Community Park offers a summer swimming facility for children and adults. It offers swimming lessons as well as recreation and lap swimming opportunities. Additional swimming lessons and recreational swimming could be offered at the Hoover Park Pool located on Spring St., but unfortunately this facility has remained closed since summer 2009 due to budgetary reasons. The city continues to maintain it in hopes that this valuable asset can again be re-opened for the benefit of city residents - young and old alike. Would you consider making a contribution to re-open Hoover Park Pool during the summer?

During the summer the City’s Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Services organizes a variety of music concerts on the courthouse square and in local parks, and free movies. These free events are enjoyed by over 100,000 people each summer. These events are funded by generous donations from corporate and private patrons, in addition to individual contributions. Would you consider making a donation in order to keep these popular events on the summer calendar?

Priority Parks & Arts Projects

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Public Art in Redwood City

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