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During 2017, the City of Redwood City celebrated its 150th Anniversary. As part of the year-long celebration, the Redwood City Sesquicentennial Celebration Committee asked the Foundation to host an event that would build community and celebrate the city's history. The Foundation, with the support of the Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department, decided to host Family Campout. The campout has a historical theme. All campers were asked to "rough it" and not use electronic devices. Campers were introduced to games and pastime activities that were popular during the 19th century, participated in a sing-a-long which included songs popular during the California gold rush, and at the campfire was treated by a local storyteller to stories rooted in California history. It was a wonderful family-friendly event, that the Foundation decided to repeat annually as one of its Signature Events.

With Gratitude to the 2017 Sponsors

Family Campout is truly a community affair. We are grateful to the following organizations and individuals who supported the event and contributed to its success by volunteering their time and/or supplies:

  • City of Redwood City Parks, Recreation and Community Services Dept. staff

  • City of Redwood City firefighters and cadets

  • Ralph Garcia of Ralph’s Vacuum

  • Russ Isaacson and Dave August of the NFL Alumni Association

  • DeHoff’s Key Market

  • Starbucks-Veteran’s Blvd.

  • Noah’s Bagels-Sequoia Station

  • Good Eggs

  • Pam Peterson of Redwood City Rocks!

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