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Exhibit your art at the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative CZI Community Space in Redwood City. The Call for Art is currently closed, but will reopen in October 2024. Please check back then. 

Join us on Thursday, March 7, 2024, for a professional development workshop: 

"Stories of Success in the Creative Realm:  Insights from Diverse Art Paths."

Guest speakers: Elizabeth Gomez, Tino Rodriguez, Binh Danh, Na Omi Judy Shintani 

Moderator: Elizabeth Gomez

Register by March 5 at:

Art at the CZI Community Space

Art can make people care and act. Art can inspire new ways of thinking about the world we live in, can be instrumental in breaking down barriers, and can build community bonds. In 2022, the Foundation will launch an art program at the CZI Community Space to create opportunities for San Mateo County artists of all ages and abilities to showcase their artwork.

Meet the Current Cohort of Artists

The Foundation is excited to be working with the current cohort of artists who are exhibiting their artwork at the CZI Community Space.

Read about the March 31st art exhibition opening HERE.  

Curator of Exhibitions is Dylan Roberts.

To learn more about an artist, watch a video by clicking on their image.

Art Advisory Work Group Members

The Foundation created an Arts Programming Plan for the CZI Community Space and established a thoughtful process to help set a vision for ongoing creative community engagement. The Foundation works with an Art Advisory Work Group, composed of San Mateo County residents from different backgrounds who serve a one-year term, to implement the Arts Programming Plan which includes selecting the exhibition theme, choosing the artists who will participate in the exhibition, serving as liaisons with the artists, conducting community outreach and hosting semi-annual art exhibitions.


The main purpose of the art exhibitions is 1) to promote San Mateo County artists by exhibiting their artwork at the CZI Community Space and 2) to provide an opportunity to bring the community together to promote education, awareness, and understanding.

The 2023-2024 Art Advisory Work Group members are:

Check out our previous exhibitions:

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