Art at the CZI Community Space

Art can make people care and act. Art can inspire new ways of thinking about the world we live in, can be instrumental in breaking down barriers, and can build community bonds. In 2022, the Foundation will launch an art program at the CZI Community Space to create opportunities for San Mateo County artists of all ages and abilities to showcase their artwork. The theme for each of the 2 exhibitions in 2022 will celebrate the diversity of our community.

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Join us for the next art exhibition opening!

Friday, October 7


CZI Community Space

801 Jefferson Ave. 

Redwood City, CA

Registration required to attend 

Art Advisory Work Group Members

The Foundation created an Arts Programming Plan for the CZI Community Space and established a thoughtful process to help set a vision for ongoing creative community engagement. The Foundation will work with an Art Advisory Work Group, composed of San Mateo County residents from different backgrounds, to implement the Arts Programming Plan which includes selecting the exhibition theme, choosing the art to be displayed, conducting community outreach and hosting semi-annual art exhibitions.


The main purpose of the art exhibitions is 1) to provide an opportunity to promote education, awareness, and community understanding, and 2) to promote local artists by exhibiting their artwork at the CZI Community Space. 

Upcoming exhibition theme
Connecting Community: Bridges to Understanding
Our connection to each other and sense of community is a very important part of being human. The act of reaching out and creating a bridge to other people, regardless of race, generation, gender, orientation, different abilities or backgrounds, helps us to all grow and learn more about our neighbors and ourselves. By sharing our stories and experiences we hope to promote an inclusive community through art. 

Coming March 2022
Artists featured in the first art exhibition will be highlighted here

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