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The Magical Bridge Foundation redefines inclusive playgrounds through truly innovative, intentional design. Far exceeding industry standards, the Magical Bridge Foundation has removed physical and social barriers in today’s traditional playgrounds to create welcoming spaces for all ages, abilities and sizes. The Magical Bridge Playground is a new kind of public play space that considers the needs of absolutely everyone in the community. Come play with us!

Visit the Donate page to support the events and programs at the playground. 

Kindness Ambassadors are a friendly and positive force on the Magical Bridge Playground, make sure that everyone is happy and comfortable, and that events are running smoothly.  The Program promotes the value of kindness and inclusion on the playground and beyond. Do you know someone who'd be a great Kindness Ambassador? 

Event Sponsors

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Fall 2024/Spring 2025 Sponsors
Wholehearted Yoga
Lisa & Dennis Schofield
Miroslav & Pamela Vida

The Hart Family

The Rappoport Family

Davies Appliance

Lane Partners, Inc.

GFRW Peninsula Hills Women's Club

Dani Gasparini & Alyn Beals

Elizabeth Halaby

Connie & Richard Barrick

Bill Nicolet


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Mosacic Mural Project

The Foundation commissioned local artist Elizabeth Gomez to design and install a mosaic mural at the Magical Bridge Playground comprised of California native flora and fauna. This project was conceived in February 2019 and the unveiling took place in October 2021. Over 750 members of the community, between the ages of 3 and 88, contributed to the mural. It is comprised of over 103,000 pieces of tile. Come visit this beautiful public work of art at the playground! 

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