Community Advocacy Through Art (CATA) is a project of the Foundation. CATA utilizes public art as a medium of community building and social advocacy. 


To raise awareness about CATA and funds for public art, the Foundation started Open Paint in October of 2016.  Open Paint brought together artists, non-profits, and community members to paint, eat, and mingle. The Foundation provided paint, brushes, vinyl sheets for painting, and a few large "fill-in-the-blank" collaborative canvases designed by local artists. Over a two-year period 35 artists and 20 non-profits were featured and countless masterpieces were created by thousands of participants.

CATA Goals


  • Raise awareness of, spark dialogue about, and inspire community action on important local issues.

  • Provide funding opportunities for local artists, making it financially possible for artists to work in the communities where they live.

The Process


  • Research – Understand the salient local issues and which organizations are working for their resolution.

  • Collaborate – Work with business owners, artists and city staff to determine the public art design and financial sponsorship.

  • Finalize & Publicize – Make the public art a reality and share it with the community.

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